pain - thoughtsFear and negative emotions manifest in our bodies and destroy cellular function and the vitality of our cells.  Eventually the cells mutate and become a disease such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ulcers, back pain, etc.  The energy usually goes to the weakest area of a person’s body. 

It starts with a thought, belief or value combining with emotion and creates an energy pattern which manifests in our bodies and reality.  The energy goes out into the universe creating the results in our life, including health, relationships, careers, financial outcomes, etc.

Thoughts combine with emotions creating either positive or negative energy in our mind and body.  They become words, actions and results.  They create healthy cells or destroy cells.  They create healthy patterns and relationships or negative patterns and relationships.

When the energy in cells increase from positive energy, the integrity and vitality of the cell is enlivened and life force is enhanced.  When the energy in cells decrease from negative energy, the integrity and vitality of the cell is reduced and life force is diminished.  This opens the door for health problems and dis-ease to manifest.

Negative thoughts and emotions drop the life force in our cells and body like a lead balloon.  Our thoughts and emotions manifest in our body and in the universe.  This is simply the Law of Attraction or the Law of Focused Attention.  The more we think or focus on something and the stronger we feel about it, the faster or more powerful it manifests.  This works for both positive or negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

We create our reality and our lives, as we are created in God’s image and blessed with co-creative ability.  We are totally responsible for everything in our life.  Our thoughts, emotions, words and behaviors create our health, relationships and life experiences.  Modern medicine usually treats only symptoms and not the cause.  This explains why many people have the same health problem after surgery or medication relieved the original condition temporarily.

Until a person changes the cause – which originates as a negative, fear-based thought – the disease will return in one form or another.  Fear and Disease are disguised blessings warning us something is out of balance and harmony in our lives.  It is a signal to wake up and pay attention so we can change how we are thinking, speaking, acting and living or being.  It is part of the brilliant self-healing mechanism of the human body.  If we do not heed the warning and return to balance, the problem worsens and eventually causes significant destruction and even death.

FEAR is looked upon by our society as bad or negative.  Most people go to extremes to avoid fear, which is resisting the moment or what is and locks the negative pattern in place.  Only the light of awareness and acknowledgement can dispel the darkness, illusion and fear and allow the healing process to begin.  FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.  Unless we look at our fears with honesty, sincerity and a willingness to see it all, healing cannot fully take place and we are keeping the negative pattern safe and secure to run its course.  We create everything in our lives, including our dis-eases.

There is no mystery here.  This information has been available and passed down in the Ancient Wisdom’s for thousands of years in many civilizations around the world.  Being healthy is not a secret.  There are alternative, safe and natural remedies which are much less expensive and invasive than medical cures and procedures.  Many people prefer to take a pill for most health issues or have it cut out by a doctor.  Our society is programmed not to take responsibility for what we create in our health and lives.  

Taking the easy way out is actually the hardest and most painful way – it focuses on the symptoms and not the cause.  This approach keeps us removed from being responsible and the source of our own lives.

Fear, illness and negative energy are man’s creation – addressed with proper principles there is a way out of pain and suffering to health and well being.  By acknowledging the truth, no matter how intense or scary the fear may appear, we can create true health, vitality and success in all areas of our lives.  The answer lies within and it is a process of self-discovery to regain or natural essence as enlightened spiritual beings.

The choice is yours and always has been.  Stop giving your power away to the medical profession and cultural conditioning and programming.  You can do anything with a sincere foundation of faith and a willingness to see the truth in your life.

You are Unlimited, Immortal, Universal and Infinite Spiritual Being and what you are is Beautiful – as a child of Almighty God!

All things are possible, spread the word.

Health, Wealth & Perfect Self-Expression!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach









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