People will forget what you said IIIDo you nurture yourself and others in your thoughts, feelings, words and actions?

Are you gentle with yourself or are you tough, harsh and demanding?

Why not let go of judgments and harshness.  Give yourself and others grace.

We are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience on earth.

We will make mistakes and have accidents as we learn and grow together.  We are human and things happen here on planet earth.  Life is hard enough without making it worse, on ourselves or others.

Life is precious and we are each faced with pain, suffering loss and challenges.  Who doesn’t have their cross to bear?  People need to be acknowledged, recognized and appreciated.

Acknowledgement is powerful.  It is amazing when a person feels acknowledged something in them relaxes – they feel seen and heard.  It is an unconditional space of love and beingness, forgiveness and healing.

It is also important to acknowledge yourself.  Give yourself a gift – sit down in a good place with some quiet time for reflection.  Write down all of the positive qualities and things you can acknowledge about yourself.  Look in the mirror, make eye contact with that special  being and tell yourself how wonderful you are!

We can be a beacon to this world as our light, compassion and kindness ignites others and inspires them onward and upward on their journey.

Be the best you can be and watch your light shine brightly to inspire others and they will do the same.  We can lift others up with one thought, one communication and one action – one person at a time. 

Our world needs more hope, inspiration and encouragement.  Give yourself and others the benefit of your heart, compassion and care.  Use the Power of Acknowledgement for the greatest good.

Make a difference.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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