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When you want to give something of real value to another person, give your gentle and focused attention.

When you seek to develop true understanding, listen with your heart, two ears and your eyes.

We build lasting relationships and intimacy and create great value by paying attention and being here.  When lecturing, pleading and arguing fail to carry our point across, giving our attention very likely will.

Yes, it can be difficult to give our full attention in a fast-moving world that is filled with distractions.  Yet, the more distractions there are, the more precious and valuable our attention becomes.

Give something to others that is one hundred percent you and go total.  Give the gift of your gentle and focused attention and do your best for someone else.

There are people around yearning to be heard, seen, acknowledged, recognized, loved and appreciated.  By truly paying attention, you enrich your life as well as theirs.

Even if you have nothing else to give, you can always give your focused attention.  It will be surely welcomed and treasured as it brings real light to the world. 
And just maybe, you will feel God’s presence and grace.

Miracles are possible……they happen when you are here to experience them.


🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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