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Yogananda - AWAKE Roy Eugene Davis met Paramahansa Yogananda in Los Angeles in 1949, studied and practiced meditation under his personal guidance, and was ordained by him in 1951.  Roy is one of the few remaining, direct disciples of Yogananda.  Roy’s publications, Truth Journal and Radiance are available through Center for Spiritual Awareness.

Radiance – Autumn 2014 issue:

“Ask yourself: Do I want to be fully, spiritually awake in my current incarnation? 

Because you are an immortal spiritual being, you will eventually be spiritually enlightened (completely conscious of your true nature and of ultimate Reality and its processes).  Knowing this, why not aspire now to be fully awake and forever free – and go forward in the right ways with firm faith?

The most helpful things we can do to stay focused on our spiritual path and accomplish all of our major purposes are to nourish our mind with constructive ideas and meditate daily to abide in superconscious Self- and God-awareness.”

Truth Journal – Summer 2005 issue:

“When you are fully conscious that you are an immortal spiritual being abiding in God’s wholeness, the false sense of being separate from God will be dissolved.  Until you are fully God-conscious, talk with God about your needs and aspirations.  Ask for help when you need it.  Ask for courage and wisdom, and for success in your meditation practice.  Invite the reality of God into your mind and consciousness.  By doing this, you will rise above ordinary states of consciousness.  Your innate spiritual qualities and powers will be unveiled and you will become aware of exceptional powers of perception and extraordinary abilities.  You can wisely use them to improve your personal circumstances and more easily and quickly awaken to cosmic consciousness and Self- and God-realization.

The more deeply you go into God, the more peaceful and truly fulfilled you will be.  Acquire an intellectual understanding of God.  Use your intuition to discern the truth about God.  Realize (experience and know) God as God is.  You can do it.”

Roy offers wonderful information on meditation and Kriya Yoga.

Start your own conversation with God and watch your life transform.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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