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03248-SilentAwakeningAll Roads by Tina Malia to those who serve beauty

This is the sound of one heart starting to hear
this is the sound of faith stepping out of fear
the journey of one soul’s passage through time
and this is one lone dreamer learning to fly

And this is the sound of love
reaching out from the storm
calling through the thunder
through the anguished war
and I can feel the winds
feel them beginning to turn
and this is the one small light, starting to burn

And your love is shining
in everything I do
and I hear you calling for me
for all roads lead to you
(every moment of my days, every movement
every miracle, every time I speak your name
I know that you are here inside)

And this is the sound of a prayer
on its way to the sun
calling all the children to gather as one
and I can see us there, see it clear as the blue
and this is one small part, here is my gift to you

So count the hilltops, count the towns
as we’re crossing over
see no, hear no, speak no sound
on this golden flight”

May these words, music and feelings inspire and heal your heart and soul.  This is a wonderful music and every song is a pleasure.  Let it take you to a higher level of consciousness, peace and understanding.

We are all connected.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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