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What lies behind us - EmersonWe are Spiritual Beings with unlimited potential.  Our true essence is unconditional love and superconsciousness.

You are a unique, individual, here to do something only you can do.  You have a place to fill no one else can.

This is your Divine Plan.  It is a special path to express your greatest gifts and highest contribution.  What matters most is your heart and your capacity to love and help others.  You may do it with a kind look, or a gesture, or a word or just with your presence.  Energy is powerful and can be channeled in many ways.

In a world of technology and communication, the human touch is more important than ever.  People yearn to be acknowledged, recognized and appreciated.

People are the greatest resource in the world.

As humans, we rush around, trying to make it and find what we think we are looking for.  Afraid we are going to miss out or lose.  Yet, what we need most is love, compassion and true friendship.  To experience we are ok, just the way we are.  To know someone cares and accepts us without wanting anything in return.

Deep within you is a special place.  It is your true essence with a still, small voice within.  This is your true self, your Higher Self.  May you live from this place and make your greatest contribution for all concerned.

Your highest good and greatest possibilities can never be taken from you.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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