Fear if left alone will only grow bigger. And if confronted can reap so many unexpectedly beautiful things.

Such a small choice like deciding to go out with a new friend or trying a new restaurant, a new way home, can be like a car wash for your soul. Sometimes it’s small ripples that cause the biggest waves.

Driving over this scenic highway, I thought about all the opportunities I would have missed had I allowed fear to control my life.

{by Brandi-Ann Uyemura}

Staying safe seems comfortable, the way it feels to slide into your bunny slippers or have a warm meal on a cold day. It feels good. And it should. But over time, comfort sticks over our life like cobwebs. It makes it harder to trust your instincts, have faith and LIVE your life.

I thought about the relationships I held onto in fear of never finding the right one, jobs I took out of desperation and times when I overstayed my welcome because knowing what was in front of me (no matter how bad) was better than the unknown.

Perhaps the biggest lessons I learned is this:

“You were never safer anyway.”

Believing that you’ll stay safe by not traveling, by turning down a scary, but exciting opportunity doesn’t guarantee you’ll live longer or that you’ll prevent heartache, financial despair or difficulty. We grow up thinking that we can control life. But we can only control how we prepare and and how we react to things. The rest? That’s where faith comes in.

Remember that the next time you start to believe in false certainties. The only difference between living a life “safe” and living on the edge is that the former is filled with regrets and latter will bring you closer to your dreams.

Brandi-Ann Uyemura is a freelance writer who specializes in psychology and self-help articles. She has a MA in Counseling Psychology and writes for several publications and websites. You can get more information about her here. She also blogs about inspirationwriting inspiration and psychology.

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