Happiness…How To Be Happier No Matter What

Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.
Oprah Winfrey

Surrounding yourself with uplifting people is essential to your happiness. Of course, it sounds like a no-brainer but it’s not always easy. Everyone gets comfortable in relationships and some of which aren’t adding to your happiness quotient. My point is that it is a WHOLE lot easier to feel good about yourself and to develop habits of happiness when the people around you are already feeling happier. It’s actually a bit contagious.

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So my suggestion is really two-fold. First, I suggest you come up with a list of things that help you feel happier when you are all alone. My list is something like this:

– Have a Good Cry

– Go Swimming (Or yoga, walk on beach)

– Meditate

– Eat Super Healthy Meal

– Watch Funny Movie

– Read Spiritual Text (inspiring)

– Be Creative (write, paint, decorate)

All of the things above make me happier almost instantly when I am alone. I also periodically call one of my best friends who is wise and experienced — she’s a happiness mentor that can always give me a wider perspective. So my main happiness boosters are creativity, exercise, self-care and laughter. They move me from feeling the funk to seeing things differently and helping me begin again.

And from this stronger perspective then I can feel solid enough to surround myself consciously with happier people. I can attend spiritual services (this works for me) and enjoy the company of like-minded people that have the happiness thing down. Because as I really feel supported, loved and nurtured by happier people they not only lift me up but allow me to shine my light brighter.

Happiness “Ah-Ha”

Not long ago I had this amazing “Ah-ha” when I was participating in a spiritual community that they needed me as much as I needed them. And it is this idea of interconnectedness that is where happiness can happen easier. Specifically someone asked me about their son who just lost his best friend in a tragic car accident and what they can do for him while he grieves. I shared my thoughts and this dad thanked me profusely for the spot-on advice. I felt better too.

So another key to happiness besides surrounding yourself with happier people is thinking less about yourself — and more about others. Of course, that can only happen when you stop inwardly focusing and look around your life asking really important questions like: How can I serve? What makes me happy? Can I share those gifts with others today?  So surrounding yourself with others is a key step to happiness but in that process you can capitalize on the chance to helping them become happier too. Give it a try.


By Maureen Dawn Healy

Maureen is a popular author, speaker and healer working with parents and children globally. Her last books include: Growing Happy Kids, and The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids, along with her well-regarded blog on Psychology Today. More info: and

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