Becoming happier everyday takes practice!  It is a skill than anyone of us can learn. It isn’t a gift from great parents or given to only the lucky ones. Happiness actually is something you create within you by thinking and living in a certain way. In other words, you can learn how to become happier no matter what your current circumstances are.

So my suggestion to you today is to pick up a book, watch a video, speak to friend, get a mentor (or teacher) and learn the things you need to do to become happier… I promise the only thing you’ll lose is your unhappiness!

And on that note, I got a chance last month to meet another author, Anne Deidre, who knows an awful lot about happiness. She is a living example of someone who went from deep depression to everyday joy. If she can do it, so can you. Anne was also kind enough to share her “4 Keys to Lasting Happiness” with us below for a guest blog. Enjoy!



All too often it can feel as though happy moments come and go, and that what is happening in our outer world determines how happy we feel in life. I believe that the goal in life is to be able to transcend any challenge and move back into our natural state of joy. I also believe that we are powerful creators of happiness in our lives. I have discovered several keys that can help us move back into the alignment of natural happiness and to stay there more often than not.

Here are 4 keys to unlock the happiness within you.

The first key is to find the value of every experience in your life. We may not have been taught this, in fact it can seem quite natural to complain, blame and project our unhappy experiences into the world and to those around us. The problem with that is that we lose the ability to take our power back in these situations. By recognizing the value in any perceived negative experience we naturally improve the energy of it. Everything is energy, so by taking the time to value, feel grateful and appreciate the bad times, see the gift in the situation, we automatically re-align ourselves with our natural state of well-being, which is happiness.

The second key is to recognize that we have been living in a state of duality for thousands of years. Things are bad or good, happy or sad. We are shifting into a consciousness that lives without duality and judgment. Things can simply be, without a label of being bad or good. When we apply compassion and understanding to ourselves and others, we remove ourselves from the energy of judgment, and we automatically feel happier. This is what is called a unified consciousness or bliss. It is attainable now more than ever.

The third key is to recognize the greatness within you. You have unique gifts and talents, strengths and abilities like no one else. Pay attention to what makes your heart sing. It could be connected to creativity, such as cooking, singing, writing or decorating. Anything creative is part of your creator genius. Do not minimize it, explore it, rejoice and connect deeply to your interests. You have them for a reason. You have a mission and purpose in life like no other. It is your great work to find it and nurture it. Through deeply connecting with your gifts and purpose, you will deeply connect to the well of happiness in your being that is free from the shackles of time. It is enduring and eternal.

The fourth key is to connect with your intuition. You have it. Trust it. Begin by practicing listening to the still small voice within. It may whisper, but you know it. It is the wisdom that is you. It is your heart and speaks with love. It is powerful. Take a journal and begin to notice the wise voice within you. When you are still and free from distractions, you can hear it more clearly. Take the time each day to connect with your Self. You have this wise inner voice. Ask it questions and feel the deep knowing of the answers it provides. Through connecting to your intuition and knowing that you have all the answers within you, will provide a deep and lasting peace, and that is happiness for real.


Anne Deidre is the author of Extreme Intuitive Makeover~55 Keys to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, and is an artist, healer and intuitive life coach. She helps build success in every area of your life with her Intuitive Makeovers. Anne is also the host of her own TV show, The Intuitive Millionaire Coach Show. Please visit her website and receive a free 21 Day Intuitive Makeover at (or buy her book!)

PS – Painting above is by Anne Deidre too!


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