Last week, “The X Factor” was bumped around a bit due to baseball playoffs, but we did get to see the performances from the 32 contestants who made it through to the judges’ home round.

I’d love to give you a play by play, but unfortunately the dogs ate my notes. Seriously. The dog literally ate my homework. But here’s what I have:

The contestents were broken down into four groups and each group was assigned to one of the judges, who will mentor them throughout the rest of the competition. They then went to the judges’ homes to perform once more, after which the field of 32 will be whittle down to 16.

The groups went to Paula’s home in Santa Barbara; the guys to L.A.’s home in The Hamptons; the over 30s to Nicole’s home in Malibu; and the girls to Simon’s home in France. Each judge had some help making their decisions: Paula was joined by producer Pharrell; Nicole by Enrique Inglesias; LA by Rihanna; and Simon was supposed to be joined by Mariah Carey, but her plane was grounded due to Hurricane Irene. (Which means this was filmed at the end of August.)

In short, the contestents seemed to really separate themselves at this stage. The good ones were really good, the so-so ones were still just so-so. One thing that surprised me: I wasn’t super wowed by the group category, but I did love one of the groups that the producers had put together. Intensity – which includes 14-year-old Nick Dean from my hometown of Rochester, NY! – was super cute and had that Disney energy and cute looks that tweens just love love love.

The girls category is going to be a tough decision. Simon clearly has some favorites that I’m going to be bummed if they go through. Simone, for example, is a good singer, but I think she has really bad attitude. I love Tora, but Simon keeps saying that she’s not connecting with him. There are more than four who I think could go through, but only four in each category move on.

So here are my predictions for the upcoming results show:


  1. Jazzlyn Little
  2. Melanie Amaro
  3. Drew Ryniewicz
  4. Tora Woloshin

I think Simon will put through Rachel, Tiah, Drew, and Simone


  1. Tim Cifers
  2. Phillip Lomax
  3. Marcus Canty
  4. Chris Rene


  1. Stacy Francis
  2. Tiger Budbill
  3. Josh Krajcik
  4. James Kenney

This could be interesting, because Enrique really liked Christa Collins; she reminded me of Cindi Lauper. In fact Collins was a Disney child singer, the “prototype”, she said, for the Britneys and Christinas. I like her, but in the long run I thought others were better. I think Nicole would also like to put Leroy through; either way, I’m sure Josh and Stacy move on.


  1. Intensity
  2. The Anser
  3. Brewer Boys
  4. The Stereo Hogzz

I hated the Lakoda Rayne group, the second group put together by the judges; I didn’t see a lot of anything exciting in the rest of the groups either. 2 Squar’d was terrible but given that they were given the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” they had a tough audition.

Anyway, we’ll know the results Tuesday night!



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