If you’re playing along with the Gospel Soundcheck 30 Day Christian Music Challenge, feel free to share your Day 1 response.

The thing is: this is actually going to be a really tough challenge for me to do – and I wrote it! That’s because, unlike books or movies, music changes with my moods. To say “favorite” anything musical is almost impossible for me. One day I love a song, the next it sounds like nails on chalk board. I’m wishy washy that way. But I’ll give it a shot – and I hope you will too. Especially on “interactive” challenge days!

Day 1 – All time favorite Christian song or hymn: I can’t pick one favorite, so I’ll pick a beloved hymn, since I love hymns. And I’ll go with “How Great Thou Art.”  And if you’ re going to hear the song, who better to sing than the great George Beverly Shea. Or Elvis.



Check out the entire list of the 30 Day Gospel Soundcheck Christian Music Challenge. Start with Day 1 and share your favorite Christian and gospel music songs!

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