This morning, CBS Sunday Morning ran a great segment on the band Journey, the success of their song “Don’t Stop Believing”, and frontman Arnel Pineda. It’s the perfect story to highlight artists making a difference, and if you’re looking for a little inspiration, this story is for you.

While the song “Don’t Stop Believing” just barely made the top 10 when it was released in 1981, it’s now the most downloaded song written in the 20th century, with 4 1/2 million downloads. That a song can survive that long is a story in itself. But what this CBS segment really highlights is the story of frontman Arnel Pineda, who in 2007 replaced Steve Perry.

The singer had had a tough life, losing his mother at an early age, living on the streets of Manila. But he never stopped believing that someday things would turn around. That happened when Journey’s Neal Shon discovered Pineda on YouTube.

I know, can you believe that?

Not only has Pineda helped keep Journey rocking, he’s involved his band mates in his foundation, the Arnel Pineda Foundation for Street Kids. Pineda gives back to struggling families and kids in Manila, helping to provide underprivileged children with quality education, health services and medical attention.

Journey’s latest album, Eclipse, came out in May; the first single from the album, “City of Hope”, was inspired by, and written in, Arnel Pineda’s home town of Manila, Philippines.

Journey will be on the road this summer with Foreigner and Night Ranger. You can learn more on the band’s website.

You can learn more about the APFI on the foundation website.

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