Last night the remaining Top 5 American Idol contestants performed the songs of Frank Sinatra, with guest mentor and all around funny guy Harry Connick Jr.
Tonight we find out who goes home – my guess is Casey – and get performances from Harry Connick Jr and a taped from Lady Gaga, which I predict will be completely out of line with the classy big band theme. But hey, I could be wrong.
Tonight’s show opens with a recap of last night’s show; clip of Casey saying, “Don’t take my guitar away from me again, ‘cuz we see how that goes.” Yup, we did.

Ryan says there were 32 million votes; hey, that’s less than in previous weeks, isn’t it? Harry Connick Jr performs tonight, and Ryan says Lady Gaga will perform but rumor has it that it was taped earlier.
Tickets for the Idol Tour go on sale May 14th, and we get to see them perform a medley of Sinatra songs. The four guys come out singing “The Lady Is A Tramp” and out comes Crystal; they each get some solo time this performance. Casey looks like he’s clinging to that mic stand, eh? All lip synch, right?
Next week Jamie Fox is the guest mentor and they’re singing songs from the movies.
The Top 5 are seated, but first we have to see the Ford commerical … I mean video. Stupid, as usual.
Video montage of Tuesdays pre- and post-Idol, a day in the Tuesday Idol life.
Big Mike says he doesn’t think about the results show until they’re seated on Wednesday night. Crystal says she feels like one of the guys, even though she’s the only girl left. Casey says he gave 100% but he knows it didn’t go well without his guitar. Wait, no question for Aaron.
Ryan has Lee Dewyze stand up and go to the center of the stage. Ryan recaps the judges comments and Lee feels like he could have done better last night, but it felt good. Ryan asks if he ever thinks he’s too hard on himself and he says yes. Ryan asks Simon what stood out when he saw Lee’s performance, and Simon says he didn’t watch the tape. Simon says it’s the first time genuinely that Lee believed in himself and that he could win. Lee is safe, no surprise.

After the break, Lady Gaga. On a night when we’re celebrating classy Sinatra big band music, do we need this weird, gothic crap? Why couldn’t we just have Harry Connick Jr. just perform twice tonight? Maybe a group song with the contestants, something not pre-recorded? Earth to Idol: this might be “hip” in music industry circles, but your Idol audience is way more family-oriented (and classier) than this.
OK, done venting. No, wait, I have one more vent: The music the contestants perform and the advice the judges give them are in complete contradiction to the musical guests they appear on the show and the artists the judges rave about. Idol viewers are voting for contestants who reflect their views – they’re talented, genuine, wholesome, fit for family viewing. But Idol keeps forcing crap guests every week.
OK, now I’m done venting.
More video of Harry Connick Jr and his time with the Idols. Connick is HILARIOUS! He really had a great time with the contestants. Harry Connick Jr performs with his band, “And I Love Her.” It’s like he’s channeling Sinatra. And when he’s done, he takes over the stage, and introduces the Top 5 as they sing a medley of Harry Connick Jr.’s songs. That was fun!
Ryan has Harry tell the story of when he first met Frank Sinatra, when he sang at Sinatra’s birthday party. Great story; gee, if you didn’t see the show, you missed it!
OK, back for some more results. Lee is the only one safe right now.
Crystal Bowersox is next; Ryan recaps the judges comments, and then has Crystal go to the far side of the stage.
Michael Lynche is next, recap, and he goes to the near side of the stage.
Aaron Kelly is next, stands to big applause from the audience, recap, and he goes to stand with Big Mike.
Casey James is next, recap, and he stands with Crystal.
So one group is the bottom two. Ryan asks Lee to pick the safe group and Lee says no. Ryan asks the audience, and they shout loudly.
And Mike and Aaron are the bottom two. Well there you go! The audience sounds confused. Ha! That’s what’s so great about Idol. You never really can tell, can you?
So who’s going home? Big Mike or Aaron?
And it’s over for Aaron Kelly. Well, he has nothing to be ashamed of. He did a great job from the first note he sang in auditions. He’s such a good hearted, wholesome, likeable, talented kid, and he has a long, successful life ahead of him. Just look as how much he’s matured musically the last few weeks. The kid can sing.
Well, that confirms my prediction. I think it’s a Crystal/Lee finale, with Lee squeaking out a win. Although I have to confess, I thought there might have been a chance Aaron would go to the finale and maybe even pull out a win.
So what do you think? Any predictions for a finale? And what about Dave’s comments here – what if Big Mike ends up winning after getting the judge’s save?
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