Tonight the remaining Top 5 contestants perform on American Idol. I didn’t think this day would ever get here.
If you’re keeping track, Vote For The Worst now has Michael Lynche in their sights.
Everyone looks lovely tonight, all dressed up for Sinatra night, with guest mentor Harry Connick, Jr. helping the contestants interpret classic ballads. Ahh, I get it. Tonight’s theme promotes the play, “Come Fly Away”. Nothing done on Idol that doesn’t promote something.
Tonight, Connick actually is doing the arrangements for the contestants by basically composing the songs for them. Interesting. And as our resident Idol expert Brittany Keener as already reported – no guitars tonight, kids!

Connick brought his band tonight, and he’s playing on stage, backing up the contestants. He said the contestants were humble and willing to learn, and tonight the singers need to remember that they’re singing words that have meaning.
In the audience are Nancy and Tina Sinatra, Frank’s daughters. Ryan introduces them, and the women have a gift for Simon, one of Sinatra’s monogrammed hankerchiefs. Simon is genuinely touched.
Up first, is Aaron Kelly, singing “Fly Me to The Moon.” Connick cracks a joke, calling Aaron “Big Mike”. I love the stage set up; Connick at the grand piano, big band orchestra. Aaron gets into the part, tapping his foot, bouncing a bit, he looks adorable, fresh hair cut, vest and tie, totaly comfortable. Great job. Randy says he wanted to see who was in it to win it tonight, and he was worried because Aaron is so young, but says Aaron did a good job. Ellen says the piano was a little pitchy – haha – and she said she didn’t hear any country in Aaron’s vocals, calling it beautiful. Kara thought it was good, but not as strong as last week. She wants Aaron to have charisma. She’s kidding right? The kid is adorable. As my dog Bandit would say, Boo on you, Kara. Simon says he’s more with Kara, and says Aaron’s performance didn’t have conviction but that people like Aaron because he tries hard.

Casey James is up after the break with “Blue Skies”. And he has his hair pulled back in a stupid ponytail. I hate it already. Ryan says that last week one of Casey’s friends called last week and said he needed Casey for a gig that pays $50 and a free meal; the friend really didn’t know he was on Idol. Harry says that he can see where Casey is using the lyrics more for “the groove” than the message. Right out of the gate, he’s pitchy. I think it’s nerves. OK, warming up. I think he would have been more comfortable with a mic stand rather than walking around. He looks so uncomfortable, I can’t even watch. Vocally, he’s doing a great job. He stands there with his arms crossed, he’s clearly tense. Randy says it was his worst performance, and he was out of his element and it didn’t work. Ellen says it was a bad idea to have the piano on stage – hahaha again! She says Casey seemed stiff and didn’t have swagger. Kara says it took him a long time to warm up, but at least he held some notes, but he sounds like a lamb with the vibrato Simon says it’s really, really uncomfortable. Simon says the band was great, but he came over a bit embarrassed and awkward. Embarrassed is a good way to explain it. Ryan asks Casey if he was uncomfortable and he says, “Yeah!” Harry says that Casey killed it about two hours ago, adding “But that’s not gonna help you now” and that part of the problem is not being able to hear onstage.
Makes you wonder why Vote for the Worst picked Michael Lynche and not Casey James. This was clearly going to be a tough week for Casey.
Well, will you look at that? Anthony Hopkins in the audience. And a promo for Coke as Ryan points out the new Coke theme cups for the judges.
Crystal Bowersox is up next, singing “Summer Wind.” Harry asks Crystal why she’s singing this song, and she says it’s personal and she has a deep connection to the lyrics to the song. He says he doesn’t know what the song means to her but he wants to hear it again. Crystal looks beautiful and classy, yet still keeps her look. She is just sooo stinking good. That was beautiful. Randy says it was a great arrangment but it was “a little sleepy for me” and just OK. Ellen says it started like she was “swallowing every word” but she warmed up, and she is so impresive with so many different sides. Kara says it’s out of her element but she liked it. Crystal says she doesn’t think it’s out of her element. Simon says he loves this song but he wouldn’t have chosen it for her. He said the first half was too jazzy nightclub , but the second half was better. He says she’s had two “OK” weeks and she needs to not sing for herself any more.
She’s great. Ryan asks why she started slowly, and she says it’s a sweet love song that starts softly sung to a lover and everything doesn’t have to be big. She says she appreciates the advice.
Honestly? I think she should just keep doing what she’s doing. I could completely see her putting that song on an album.
Up next is Michael Lynche, singing “The Way You Look Tonight.” Ryan talks to Mike and says he’s in his element with this kind of theme. Mike talks about his 12 piece band and how it was great practice for these themes. Harry tells Mike to think about his girl and find that “fleeting moment of truth.” Big Mike in a three piece suit and fedora, walks to the mic stand. He’s definitely in his element tonight, singing great, comfortable on stage. It does remind me of every wedding I’ve ever been to. Randy says “unbelieveable arrangment” and “unbelievable vocal”;he raves and raves. Ellen says he seems to be the most comfort on stage and he looked and sounded the part, smooth and a lot of charisma. Kara says he “found the drama in the song” and he didn’t lose himself. Simon – who is still holding Sinatra’s hanky – says tonight’s a big night, Sinatra songs, Sinatra’s daughters in the audience, Harry Connick Jr on stage, and Big Mike did fantastic.
Closing out the show is Lee Dewyze, singing “That’s Life.” Harry says he likes Lee a lot and his wife thinks he’s cute. Harry calls him a new version of himself. Right out of the gate, Lee right at home. Perfect song choice, he looks fantastic, he looks so completely comfortable on stage. Yay, Lee! That was fantastic. Randy says it was another great arrangement and Lee stayed his “rocker” self. Whatever that means. Ellen says at first she “was distracted by Harry’s organ” – oh, haha – and if this was the last night of performances Lee would have won the whole thing. Kara asks Lee if he thinks he can win, and Lee says, “Yeah,” and for the first time I think he believes it. Kara says he can win this thing. Simon says Harry managed to take Lee from a shy guy working in a paint store and help bring out his confidence, and that it was “by far the best performance of the night.
Recaps: everyone performed great, except Casey who sounded good but looked like he’s rather be having a root canal. And Harry Connick Jr did a great job a guest mentor.
Tomorrow night we’ll find out that Casey is going home … er, I mean someone is going home, gee who will it be? Harry Connick Jr. will perform, and the other musical guest is … Lady Gaga? You’re kidding, right? On such a great, classy night we get pop crap again? Yeeesh.
And I’m ready to go on record and make a finale prediction. The final two will be Lee and Crystal. And I think Lee might just take the title this season. But it’ll be a squeaker, whoever wins.
So what do you think about tonight’s performances? Any predictions for the finale?
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