howardstern2.jpgAh, the American Idol rumor mill. It’s as much a favorite pastime as watching the show itself.
And to make things even more interesting, last week The NY Post reported that shock jock Howard Stern was being pursued to replace Simon Cowell when he leaves at the end of Season 9.
All I can say to that is … WHAT???

Ever since Simon Cowell announced that this would be his last season as a judge on American Idol, suggestions for replacements have been flying across the internet.
Back in December, before Cowell officially made his announcement, conducted a survey and found that viewers thought America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan would be the best replacement. Others who scored high included Sean “Diddy” Combs, Quincy Jones, David Foster, Donny Osmond, Jay Leno, and Jon Bon Jovi. I could watch Jon Bon Jovi twice a week on TV. And David Foster? What a perfect replacement – he’s an icon in the music industry, as is Quincy Jones.
In fact, they’re all respectable options, and ones that would continue the expert entertainment aspect of the show with an attitude that could keep the content acceptable for family viewing (and focused on music, not the judges).
On a list of possible replacements, Stern shouldn’t even show up, in my opinion. I find it hard to believe that Idol viewers and Stern listeners are in the same demographic. The only thing that adding Stern to the judging panel would do – other than, as the Post suggests, “clash with the other judges such as Ellen DeGeneres and the contestants” – is encourage the racy, edgy contestant behavior that has crept more and more onto the show.

One reason given for Stern’s consideration is that he’d be even nastier than Simon Cowell.
Er … earth to Idol! We don’t watch Idol to see nasty judges! That’s just bonus!
We watch to see the contestants; the fact that Simon is nasty definitely makes the show interesting. But that’s because it’s an aspect of his personality, not a requirement for the show. Don’t look for more nasty factor; look for an expert in the music industry. This is a singing show, after all. If we wanted to see the judges go at each other’s throat, we cold get them on the Jerry Springer Show and let them go at it.
The rumor is, right now, rumor, but E Online! gives it credibility for a few reasons. And apparently Stern isn’t interested. Or he is. Or maybe not.
So who would you choose to replace Cowell? With Ellen on the panel, do we even need another judge? Randy and Kara bring years of expertise in the music industry; Ellen brings the fun. Maybe we could just stick with three judges.

What do you think? Is Howard Stern a good replacement for Simon Cowell? If Stern does in fact replace Cowell, would you keep watching? (I, for one, would be done with the show forever. Blech.)

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