The Old Testament readings over the last few days have probably been mind boggling with their detail. Don’t fret. We’re not doing an indepth Bible study with this little challenge. You can’t expect to understand everything you’re reading. Our goal is to be disciplined to meet with God every day and hopefully read the Bible from cover to cover.
What I would recommend (again) is that you keep a notebook so every day you can jot down notes about things that you might like to study more. Like I’ve said, if you’re reading in the hopes of hearing God, don’t be surprised if he speaks to you!
Here’s what I’ve been thinking about as I read:

Why did God change the way he interacted with his people? At one point, he interacted directly, from Adam and Eve to Abraham and Jacob. Now, as we saw in yesterday’s reading, he begins to interact via an intermediary – Moses – and in a tabernacle with extremely intricate and specific instructions for its construction.
And the rules! So many rules! What started at 10 commandments turned into hundreds of rules for interacting with neighbors and eating and sacrificing. I don’t understand really why all that changed. When Jesus is asked what are the greatest commandments, he sums it up with, Love your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Which, if you think about it, pretty much says it all.
I have a Jewish friend who told me that some Jews believe that all of the Old Testament laws weren’t given by God but by Moses, which is why they seem so overwhelming. I don’t know if that’s true, but I can see why someone might think that!
Anyway, here are the readings for today, February 8, 2010:
Exodus 27:1-28:43

Psalm 20:1-5
Proverbs 7:1-5
Matthew 24:29-51
You can find all of the passages at
And if you’ve missed some readings, here are the lists:
February 2010
January 2010
Are you joining me in the challenge to read the Bible in a year? Let me know how you’re doing!
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