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The film “To Save A Life” released this month to great reviews, and this week you can get a free download of the song “Bounce J-Rus”, by J-Rus, from the movie soundtrack.
“To Save A Life” tells the story of Jake Taylor (played by Randy Wayne), high school senior with the world at his fingertips. Hot girlfriend, basketball scholarship, and the adoration of his friends and fans.
But when his path crosses with loner Roger Dawson, who shows up to school with a gun and a death wish, Jake begins to question everything in his life.

And that’s when the trouble starts. His search to understand what life is really about and his desire to reach out to others like Roger turns his world upside down. That includes an unlikely friendship with a loner named Jonny (played by Sean Michael Afable), problems with his girlfriend, and a run in with a hypocritical church youth group.
It’s sort of a church movie that’s really not a church movie, a film that throws in every issue teens could face, from cutting to suicide to spiritual questioning to teen pregnance, and does it in a way that isn’t churchy or corny. It offers opportunities for discussion and encourages teens – and adults – to reach outside of their comfort zone to make a difference in the life of just person, and maybe change the world.
To get your free download of the song “Bounce J-Rus”, from the soundtrack to “To Save A Life,” visit
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