Over the last few months I’ve been sharing with you some thoughts from Christian music artists on the question, “What is Christian music?”
Today, Unknown Souldier’s Terry Baert – also known as Brother Terry, who shared the wonderful recipe for French Cookie Cup – share his thoughts on Christian music and its relevence in today’s culture.

What is Christian music?
Christian music is a blessing. It encourages followers of Jesus and builds them up through psalms, hymns & spiritual songs. It is a beacon of LIGHT that exists in a world of darkness, to help those in the darkness come to the LIGHT and offers the HOPE of ETERNITY. Most of all, Christian Music gives GLORY TO GOD.

How is it relevant/not relevant to mainstream America?
More relevant than ever. In an era where more and more people are searching for HOPE, the HOLY SPIRIT uses Christian music in such a variety of ways. I’ve had people tell me that they were ready to commit suicide, leave their families, or even more insane things… what saved them from making a terrible choice was that an “unexplainable something” led them to our music somehow, which after hearing a certain song of ours, the message of the song set them on a serious course correction. I’d say that since its by the fruit of something that we know that thing, then that spiritual process alone proves that Christian music is a blessing.
I guess it wouldn’t be relevant to those who aren’t ready to consider such things. But that’s why we do what we do… for those who aren’t there yet, to help them get there.
How has the definition [of Christian music] changed over the last 10 years or so?
In terms of Christian music having the cure for what ails folks, I see it as the “general” medicine becoming more “specialized”. There are more “sub genres” than ever these days in our niche genre of “Christian Music”. Psalms are psalms… Hymns are hymns…
But spiritual songs are songs that make us think of GOD. The only thing is that when people have a desire to be “more spiritual”, they don’t necessarily lock into the HOLY SPIRIT. So, the way I look at it, and because musical taste is so subjective… if it makes you think of GOD, and how you can give HIM GLORY, and if it helps you to either “enlist in” or “carry on” to fight the good fight, then its doin’ its job!
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