If you’ve been following along with the Rocketown discussion the past week, you know that the topic of a Christian ministry booking bands that might be considered satanic* has fueled emotions on both sides of the issue. It’s, shall we say, a passionate topic?At the core of the debate is whether a Christian ministry should be booking bands that have blatantly anti-Christian messages. There are points to be made on both sides, which is why Keith Mohr, founder of Indieheaven.com, has been weighing in regularly and has offered to got to the October 27 show and report back as a guest blogger. I’ve also offered Ben Cissell, who leads the Bible studies and Skatechurch, the opportunity to write a guest blog post about Rocketown and the ministry that goes on.In the meantime, Ben sent me this video that Rocketown is using for it’s 2009 fundraising campaign. It offers some insight into what Rocketown does beyond just hosting shows.Understand that Rocketown takes this whole issue seriously. No one who has spoken to me, either on or off the record, denies that the issue of mixing ministry with music that’s contrarty to Christianity doesn’t come without its problems. As one person said, it’s “an ever present discussion.”There is real ministry going on down there, and kids who would be slipping through the cracks otherwise are finding a home there. Or as the young man in the video says, someplace where they’re wanted.At the same time, there is a question about where the line is drawn between reaching out to secular bands. I confess I’m a little uncomfortable with a band that sings about killing Christians playing at a club that wants to share Jesus with kids. Stay tuned!* UPDATE: I used the phrase “might be considered satanic” but judging from a quote from The Black Dahlia Murder vocalist Trevor Strnad, I’d say you can call them satanic without question: “On the behalf of my mates in The Black Dahlia Murder, we are f*cking pumped to hit the road with Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust, and Trap Them. We have forged this alliance in the name of Satan, hand picking the best bands possible to bring you the most stage dive worthy tour of the fall. Circle up!” Err … OK … my discomfort level with their gig at Rocketown just went up a few levels after reading that …RELATED POSTS:Rocketown’s Black Dahlia Murder Show: give me your recaps of the show!The Rocketown controversy gets spotlight by News 2 in NashvilleChristian club Rocketown plays host to night of ‘satanic’ rockRocketown and secular bands: some thoughts from the other side of the issueVIDEO: Rocketown’s 2009 fundraising campaignClick here to subscribe to Gospel Soundcheck by email and have the Gospel Soundcheck headlines delivered daily to your email inbox. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!

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