RockDex.jpgIf you’re a musician, do you ever wonder if people are talking about your music on the internet? Well, now you can get an idea with a new online site called RockDex.
As the site’s blog explains, “RockDex is a site we’ve developed where artists can see the amount of ‘internet chatter’ about them and learn new ways to increase the buzz. RockDex scours the internet to find current trends about an artist and scores a band based on data from other bands on their level. We generated our algorithm by looking at over 20,000 datasets for artists large and small … Think of it as the Nielsen Ratings for an artist’s internet activity.”

The site is owned by Music Arsenal, a company that offers services to artists, like press contacts, venue lists, etc. (I don’t know anything about it, so like any online service, check it out before you buy anything. This is the mom in me speaking.)
Just type in a band name and the RockDex does a super fast search of the internet to see who’s talking about you. Then you get a score. If your band isn’t in their directory, you can add it and RockDex will start tracking internet chatter.
There are charts that list the most blogged and tweeted about bands. If you’re a band, it can give you an idea of what people are talking about, even if it’s not you.
Check out the new RockDex website and see if you rock.
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