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Quirky pop star Katy Perry spoke last night with Katie Couric in a pre-Grammy special. Perry talked about her Pentacostal background, likening it to the documentary “Jesus Camp.” “I didn’t know they had behind the scenes footage of my childhood,” the “I Kissed A Girl” star quipped. (You can read my review of “Jesus Camp” on my website.)Perry talked about her respect and appreciation of her Christian upbringing, without actually admitting that she still holds those beliefs as an adult. She spilled the beans on her parents, telling Couric that her mom once went on a date with Jimi Hendrix and her dad was a follower of Timothy Leary. Like everyone else, Perry explains, they have a past.And her parents, while maybe not singing along with all of her songs, do support her. They even made a cameo appearance in the video for Perry’s song, “Hot and Cold,” playing the bride’s parents.But Perry does admit that her own past is still part of her present. When Couric asked about the “Jesus” tattoo on her wrist, Perry said that when she plays guitar the tattoo stares back at her. To her, it says, “Remember, you came from this and you can always go back to it.”The more I hear from Katy Perry, the more I like her. She’s really funny and has a very campy, tongue-in-cheek take on everything. She’s polite and gracious, and she doesn’t try and force her views on anyone. And she’s respectful of her Christian background, even if she doesn’t necessarily believe it all now. Katy Perry is nominated for a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance with “I Kissed A Girl,” a song that ironically her label didn’t want to include in her album. The Grammys will be handed out February 8th and broadcast live on CBS. RELATED POSTKaty Perry: Clearing The Air On Her Faith, Her Parents And That Celibacy VowGet the Gospel Soundcheck headlines delivered daily to your email inbox. Just sign up for the RSS feed by going to the “Subscribe” box on the right hand side of this blog and entering your email address.

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