FeliciaandLorenBarton.jpgFelicia Barton got what I’m sure was the surprise of her life last week when she was added to the top 36 in Season 8 of American Idol after Joanna Pacitti was deemed ineligible to compete.
Like Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers (who didn’t make the top 36, but we’re hoping he can come back for a Wild Card spot), Felicia Barton is involved in Christian music. In fact, she and her husband Loren are worship leaders at Freedom Fellowship in Virginia Beach, VA.

The church website says that Barton has been serving in worship leadership for 7 years. During Hollywood week, Freedom Fellowship gathered to cheer Felicia Barton on, so I’m sure that they’ll be getting together on when she appears in the next round of eliminations on the road to the top 12.
You can learn more about the worship ministries at Freedom Fellowship on their website.
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