katyperry2.jpgIn June I shared the news that Katy Perry, whose hit single “I Kissed A Girl” was climbing the charts, had released a Christian album back in 2001 under her real name, Katy Hudson.
The debate has raged on ever since. Does the song promote homosexuality and does it matter? Is Katy Perry a Christian and if not, how did she get a Christian record deal? (Australia’s The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Katy “insists she still has her faith and has a tattoo which reads ‘Jesus’ on her wrist.”) And what do her conservative evangelical preacher parents think about her new album?
Well, now Perry’s parents have chimed in on the discussion.

The UK’s Daily Record reported yesterday that Katy’s mother, Mary Hudson says, “I hate the song. It clearly promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting. Katy knows how I feel.” She tells the British paper that she and her husband are “deeply ashamed” of their daughter and say that the song “promotes a sin.”
She calls her daughter’s recent antics (which include jumping off the stage to land a lip lock on a 16-year-old female fan and offering a kiss to Miley Cyrus; Cyrus declined) a period of rebellion, and adds that she’s praying for her daughter’s salvation, despite the fact that Katy apparently assured her, “Oh Mum, I’m not going to turn into Amy Winehouse.”
There you go. What do you think about the whole Katy Perry story? Has she been “led astray by the Hollywood crowd” as her mother claims, or is Katy Perry just being herself? And what dangers abound for Christian artists (like the Jonas Brothers) in the mainstream music world?

And here’s another question: even if you don’t agree with your parents’ beliefs, do you have a responsibility to not flaunt your opposition? Or is there an age at which you can do whatever you want, regardless of who you hurt or embarrass?
Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
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