TheWrecking.JPGNo, The Wrecking isn’t a construction crew, but you might not know that today. Drummer Darren Elder, of modern rock band The Wrecking, broke his hand in two places while working on some home repairs. I don’t know officially what he was doing, but someone mentioned drywall …

The Wrecking (formerly known as The Kingpin Wrecking Crew, for you trivia buffs) is one of my favorite hot up-and-coming bands. (I’m getting to talk a lot today about my favorite artists, aren’t I? I love this job.) Their national debut album, A New Abolition, hits stores in August. You can be sure that it’ll be a Pick of the Week when it releases.
The single “Inside” was featured on the Underground Sound compilation CD, and the first radio single, a remake of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” released to radio this month. The video for the song was created in conjunction with Love 146, a non-profit organization dedicated to the abolition of child exploitation and sex trafficking.
Songs from the new album have also been licensed to MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and Spike TV.
The band is scheduled to play Soulfest next week, which is going to be interesting with Darren’s broken hand. So pray for a speedy recovery and no complications.
You can learn more about The Wrecking at their website, For more about Love 146, visit
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