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BigDaddyWeaveWhatLifeWouldBeLike.jpgBig Daddy Weave celebrates a decade as a band with the release today of their fifth studio album, What Life Would Be Like.
The album is not only a great musical offering but a call to listeners to actually start putting actions to their words, and to “wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus live thru you and me.”

Songwriter and front man Mike Weaver admits that he endured a dry period in early 2006, where writing a song for the last album was like pulling teeth.
But this time was different. “Last time the songs came out of the driest place ever,” Weaver says. “This time it was so much fun! I have written more songs than I have written in my life.”
He credits the change to the group’s recent visit to poverty-stricken villages in Ecuador:

“God used that trip to re-ignite the fire in us as a group. We haven’t been the same since we got back. There is a passion that hasn’t been there before, and we know we will never see the potential unleashed as long as we hang on to our old ideas of what life and ministry and being the church is, rather than letting God just come and ‘be’ in us. I think the Lord really broke our hearts over who He loves, and that’s everybody.”

And that revival is evident on every track, from “The Day You Found Me” to the funky “RIght With You” to their cover of Phil Collin’s “Another Day In Paradise.” The group had a moving, life-changing experience with God and what they bring to this album is sure to ignite in listeners a desire to follow in their footsteps.
For more information, visit Big Daddy Weave’s website.

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