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JT Thomas Chicago Bears Prom DateChicago Bears rookie J.T. Thomas is known in the NFL as a “great guy.” He has an autistic brother in middle school that he often takes to his school bus stop in the morning. One such morning, J.T. ran into Joslyn Levell, a talkative 8th grader who suffers from Spina Bifida. Something appeared to be bothering her so Thomas inquired. Joslyn shared that she didn’t have a date to the prom and began to tear up as she described how cruel the kids at school can be. Thomas gave her a hug and assured her that everything would be OK.

She boarded her bus with his brother and that’s when the gentle giant went to work. He first cleared it with the school, then Joslyn’s family, then he asked Joslyn if he could be her date. She obliged and told some of the boys who snubbed her that her date for the prom would be a Chicago Bear. They scoffed.

Ultimately Joslyn got the last laugh though as she and her date were the hit of the prom. It’s so incredibly refreshing to hear about a young athlete going the extra mile to be a blessing to others.


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