Top 15 Football Miracles

Famous Football Plays

Dwight Clark Making Catch to Score Winning Touchdown

By Josh Tinley

The Hail Mary. The Music City Miracle. The Miracle Bowl. The Immaculate Reception. Football writers and broadcasters don't shy away from using religious language to describe the game's most memorable moments.

Using the word "miracle" to describe athletes throwing, catching, and running with a ball may seem trite. Unlike the miracles chronicled in the Tanakh, the New Testament, and the Quran, the following 15 football miracles did not defy the laws of nature (even if some of them appeared to) and were not (as far as we know) the product of divine intervention. But like the transcendent moments we read about in our sacred texts, these incredible moments on the gridiron have given people hope and have shown that "improbable" is not synonymous with "impossible." Such miracles remind fans that no lead is too big to overcome, that one play is all it takes to score a touchdown, and that no game is truly over until the clock reads 00:00.

Josh Tinley is the author of "Kneeling in the End Zone: Spiritual Lessons From the World of Sports" and a curriculum editor for Abingdon Press. He lives outside Nashville with his wife and three children.

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