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Image Courtesy of dan at

Image Courtesy of dan at

I’m still thinking of the amazing creature that turned up at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of California. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the link: The poor purple, stubby squid must have been terrifed at the sudden bright light that spotlit it, alone on the barren sea floor. Nearly all eyes, its stare was in contrast to the comments of the scientists who were exploring the area. Oohs and ahs…from them, I can only imagine what the little creature was thinking.

I’ve felt like this little squid looked, sometimes,and you might have, too. Among strangers at a party, perhaps you did everything the make yourself look small, inconspicuous, or invisible. At a recent gathering, a well-meaning member of the group wanted to demonstrate how a particular hat he had would look on my head. As he reached out to tug at a “curl,” IO absolutely jumped away, knowing the gesture would dislodge my wig and that was something I didn’t want revealed at a social event!

Yes, sometimes, we do everything we can to avoid the limelight.

Yet, it’s important for us to get out, meet people, even put ourselves in situations (positive situations, of course) that stretch our social skills and let us see new ways of living, new horizons, and new potential friends. It takes courage to do this, and strength of will. And sometimes the pull of the alternative of curling up with a good book in a quiet room is too powerful to overcome. But, we can try.

As the undersea camera and light faded away from “little stubby squid,” the creature remained fixed to its spot, its big eyes still watching, taking it all in. No telling what the little thing did after the light had completely gone away. But I’d like to think that the experience of being in the limelight was not all terror and awe, but was also somewhat fresh. Perhaps, even, enlightening (pardon the pun).

I hope its that way for you, too, as you put yourself “out there” and allow others in. Each of us has wonderful qualities that can enhance conversations and bring compassion and goodness. Each of us has something to give. Like the little stubby squid, we can be memorable in a very good way. If we don’t shrink when the spotlight turns to us!



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