Good-Days-Bad-DaysA woman asked if she could talk to me. I said, “Sure.”

The conversation that transpired went something like this:


“For $500 and 4 weekends, you could cure your lupus yourself.”


She was persistent, but I’d heard all of the arguments before. “Your doctor doesn’t know this…” “You’re doing the wrong things…” etc. Finally, I just said, “Thank you. No.” and walked away.

I was very tired at the start of the conversation, and even more exhausted as it continued. But, I stood firm because I really look upon this sort of thing as a kind of preying on the vulnerable, not a helpful way to give compassion or care. Besides, as I asked questions of her, it became clear that all she had was a spiel. No solid science, but a mighty hefty price tag!

I’ve gone to my doctor before with one or the other “miracle” cure, just to get his take. My doc is very knowlegable and would like nothing more than for there to be a cure for lupus and arthritis that he could give to all his patients. But none exists. It’s hard for the “miracle cure” crowd to believe this, I know. But I’m not being delusional. I’m being realistic – a sure sign that, although I am severely limited due to illness, in this instance, I’m still thinking correctly!

$500 is a lot of copays, wigs, and other necessities.

I think I’ll try being a brunette!



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