Image courtesy of Michael Elliott/
Image courtesy of Michael Elliott/

I know first-hand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is not easy. My brother died before he turned 40, and a good friend passed recently – she was younger than I am.  These holes in our hearts (truly, they are holes) will never quite fill. But with faith, time, and love of good people around us, we will heal enough so that days like this one, when we remember, will not be quite so horrifically painful.

When I lived near Washington, D.C., Arlington National Cemetery was right across the road. I could hear the crack of the 21-gun salute as fallen warriors were laid in their graves. I saw the mourners, ones, twos, and sometimes groups, walking and sitting around the holy ground.

Today, my prayesr are with each of you who have sacrified a loved one in the cause of liberty. And when my tears flow, as they will do at times, for the losses I’ve felt, a part of them mingles with yours, too. And in our fellowship, may we each find a little more peace,


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