Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of piyato/

Image courtesy of piyato/

I’ve said it more than a few times, and I expect you have, too, when your chronic illnesss, new diagnosis, or ongoing pain sets you on edge.

“Can’t you just give me a new body?”

All news reports of cloning and other scientific activity aside, sometimes with the advent of a new year, we actually dive into a brand new exercise, grooming, diet, or rehab program in order to meet the oft-repeated maxim “It’s a new year, so make it a new you.”

But do we really have to be “all new” in order to be improved? Do we really need to jettison our “old” selves in order to be happy, productive, prayerful and praiseful?

Oh, say it isn’t so!

And really, it isn’t.

In fact, as much as we’d like to redo what’s ailing us, we are who we are – which is pretty awesome. Why awesome? Because we are, each of us, unique and loved by God. Our names, bodies, souls – everything is unique and precious.  And God has a splendid purpose for each of us, just as we are and with the situations given to us by Him.

Yes, we can take certain things into our own hands and be responsible for some aspects of our health. And, yes, we can make improvements in how we take care of our lives, spirits, and the surroundings in which we move and live.

But fundamentally, by embracing the individual gems that we are, we can be much more positive about the future. And as we take good care, we can move ahead even more strongly – just as God made us.

This year, embrace who you are, be caring and kind and responsible toward yourself.

And shine in the life and person that God so lovingly has given!



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