Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image Courtesy of graur codrin/

Image Courtesy of graur codrin/

Two doctors I know have fallen very ill at the begining of this New Year. They’re hard workers and do not hesitate to help their patients, no matter how ill those patients might be. We sometimes forget that our doctors (and other medical professionals on our team) are people, too, and in their work they come in contact to many more sickies than we do – with sometimes dangerous consequences. So, here is a prayer for these wonderful caregivers – with much thanks and hope for a speedy recovery!

Oh, Lord, you have put  many wonderful, caring people in my life.

I thank you for them, Lord, and I ask that they be protected from sickness and pain

as they reach out to help even the sickest and lowliest among us.

Give all medical professionals strength, Lord, and help them get enough

sleep, exercise, and nutrition to be able to maintain their own health

as they work.

And if they do fall ill, Lord, please give them the very same, excellent care that they provide to us,

help them heal swiftly.

and as they get back to work, help them use their experience as a patient

to reflect grace and compassion upon those whom they serve.

In Jesus name, I pray,


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