Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

As I type this, Pope Francis is about to arrive at Joint Base Andrews. There is the usual activity as people gather to greet the Pontiff – some are finding their seats, photographers are checking their camera angles and light (some clouds in the sky today). And, during the preparations, a group steadily recites the rosary, a venerable and beloved tradition as portable as it is powerful. Indeed prayer has already been front and center – and gently quiet – during the first leg of the Papl Visit, a three-day trip to Cuba. But this exhiit of faith among the people waiting for the Pope is a true example of how, waiting or being active, everyone can take a few moments, collect thoughts and heart, and lift up prayers to the Lord.

As more people gather on the tarmac, and the Papal Flag flutters in the breeze alongside the Stars and Stripes, the rosary has finished. But the true praying continues!


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