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20150920091956One of the first things that strikes me about Washington DC this week is the personal way the City is preparing to greet Pope Francis. The picture with this blog is of the banner hanging on the Basilica of the National Shrine, where the Pope will celebrate the Mass of Canonization for Junipero Serra on Wednesday. It is not a formal, lofty message, but rather one that reflects an overt joy – and a message of love. Quite a difference from how other heads of State are often greeted!

The message on the banner is simple, but complex, too. “Love Is Our Mission” is not something you can imagine being acted out once and then shelved, for a mission is something longer and more intense than a one-time expression and love has many musical tones and layers, sights and sounds.

As Pope Francis begins the U.S. portion of his Visit, much will be said of his speeches and activities. I’ll be looking for those clues, those lessons of love that can inform me and many others on how to continue the “Mission” in the days and years ahead!




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