The clouds in the sky. A flash of lightning. A baby’s giggle. A “common” cold.

When you see or hear these things, do you disect them scientifically? Or, do you wonder?

What are the things in your life that you try to analyze?

What are the things that you lift up to God, pondering whether or what the meaning of it all might be?

Although we life in a time and with health conditions that can often be at least partically explained in terms of genes and cells and chemical reactions, there is still much in life that cannot be scientifically explained. Lupus, for example, still defies exact description, although some might say, erroneously, that they have it all figured out!

With much still unexplained, instead of fretting over, “When will they know?” or “Will I live long enough to see a cure?” I prefer to go to the Source of it all. I prefer to lift my wondering eyes up to God. In doing so, I find any stress over “no cure yet” evaporates, and in its place is the knowledge and comfort that, no matter what might be in the future, I, body and soul, will be all right because I’m in God’s hands.

I also lift the same kind of wonder and appreciation up when I see that jagged flash of light, or take time to feel the breeze on my face. I don’t have to know the currents and the chemicals, the reactions and the equations. I merely appreciate the nature around me – and that is enough. And, I try, too, not to insist on “figuring out” my friends and family, but just rest in their presence and enjoy and love them for who they are.

If we insist on scientifically disecting everything in our world and lives, we run the risk of missing the point of them, the majesty, the beauty, and our own place, which is to appreciate, give thanks, and care about and for the unfolding wonders.

Yes, it matters if we wonder! If we don’t, we’re truly missing out!



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