Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of dan/

Image courtesy of dan/

Sometimes, when we’re very ill or our pain is overwhelming, we might get to the point where God seems to not exist actively in our lives. We might not be able to feel the comfort or peace we enjoy when God’s presence is palpable. We might even doubt that God is with us at all. Such times might be very scary, but they’re not unusual. Serious, ongoing illness can have a way of chipping at our resolve and exhausting us to the point of being depressed, or out of hope. But even if God seems far away, there are ways to know He is still with us, holding us, and giving us strength. One of those ways might seem counter-intuitive (but please bear with me) – it’s to imagine your life without God, and in doing so, discovering that God is not only present, He is acting active right with us!

God is the giver of life. We did not give ourselves life, God did. What’s more, as we live even now, God is ever-giving us life! We live – God is.

God is always available. Others might have walked away out of frustration at our ongoing health ups and downs.  Maybe, even, some of our doctors have given up hope and said, “You don’t have to see me anymore.” But God does not close His heavenly office to us, nor does He ever walk away! Whenever we call upon Him – God is.

God is the worker of miracles. I’ve been so sick at times that doctors have used the “d” word (“death”). I’ve known others whose health conditions have no medical cure, yet they flourish, and still others who by all human accounts should not be able to go about their day as productively as they do – yet, they do! God gives us a faith that transcends human abilities – God is.

God is the rock. Life with chronic illness and pain is usually up and down, “good” and “bad,” unpredictable, and even sometimes very scary – a floor constantly shifting beneath our feet. Yet, God does not shift or change. God is our rock – God is.




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