Martyrs and missionaries make astounding sacrifices each day to bring the Gospel and God’s love to others. They commit themselves to monumental tasks, knowing that they are giving their lives over to serving and, sometimes, dying for others and the Lord.  And when we look upon these heroic individuals and measure our own lives against their sacrifices, we might feel as if we are coming up severely short – not doing anywhere near enough as they do.

But, just as not everyone is called to be a priest, minister, doctor, or teacher, not everyone is called to leave home and travel far to engage in missionary work. Nor will every believer be called to die for his or her faith.

No, for some, heroic living that involves service, sacrifice, and sharing the Word means living at home, serving those close by, and reaching out, to paraphrase Blessed Teresa of Calcutta said, in small ways with great love.

In short, it doesn’t take much to care. And, in fact, if we wait around for great things to do, we will be missing out on all the less visible ways we might be making a huge difference.

I applaud those who dedicate their lives to the Gospel, whether they leave behind all that is familiar to work “in the fields,” or remain close to their roots. Truly, where we live out God’s purpose is not as important as that we do live it out. Day by day. Person by person.



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