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Photo courtesy of Gualberto107/

Photo courtesy of Gualberto107/

These days, many people seem to shy away from memorizing anything. Historical dates, telephone numbers, and names – and many other things, too! – might be important, but in academia, “concepts” of history often win out over memorization of facts, and with our smart phones’ speed dial capabilities, we are rapidly losing any use for memorizing telephone numbers! As for names, well, perhaps that’s always been a challenge – and always will be, too, for some (including me).

But, there is a benefit to memorization. It exercises our brains, makes us focus on something specific and finite (a great way to banish distractions from our lives, if only for a brief while). And it helps us “carry” important things with us throughout our day.

Important things, like prayer.

There are many beautiful prayers that have been handed down by our relatives and complete strangers, prayers that often say so eloquently what we at any particular moment might not. So, as we think about prayer this week, try to memorize a supplication, a petition to God. Whether from the Bible, your faith tradition, or someone else’s pen and heart, know this prayer word-for-word, inside and out. And take it with you.

Once you have it memorized, you’ll be far less likely to lose it!

Joy and peace,


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