Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

We who live with chronic illness and pain develop some mighty powerful prayer muscles! Long prayers, short prayers, shouted prayers, sobbing prayers – we’ve spoken and thought these and many others during good and bad days. And, if you’re like me, you’ve probably prayed more than once, “Please, Lord, smile upon me.”

Of course, when we pray, we hope for some kind of answer (or, at least, a reaction from God).

So, how do we know when God smiles upon us?

Here are some ways I’ve seen Him smile upon me lately – maybe these will inspire you to discover the same or similar ways in your life:

A breeze lifted the brim of my hat and allowed me to see a bird perched on a nearby branch.

The needle stick at last week’s doctor’s appointment was not painful at all (unusual, these days!)

I snagged a parking space near a doctor’s office at a time when all the spots for blocks are usually filled.

A friend gave me a fresh tomato from her garden, and when I cut into it, I smelled summer!


Yes, God’s smile is all around us – if we look for it, there it is!

Joy and peace,


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