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Image courtesy of nuchylee/

We’re thick in the “hero” season, with holidays and other celebrations focused on individuals or concepts (such as Valentine’s Day and love) that remind us of the heroes in our lives. Martin Luther King, J.r., Day in January and Black History Month this month; Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday and George Washington’s Birthday in February, Purim in March, and Easter in April – throughout these days, we’re surrounded by stories of bravery, old and new.  And this leads me to ask:

Who is my hero? Who is your hero? And, why?

I suppose we don’t have to have just one hero (and I’m using the term to mean either a man or a woman). My mother, my friends, my doctors, those I learn from – these are all heroes in my mind and heart.  Jesus Christ, Mary, the Apostles – these and other religious heroes figure prominently, too. And then, as I look at the world around me, there are public figures who are heroes, especially those who stand up to injustice or continue working for good despite tremendous odds.

Lately, I have found myself learning and reading more about the many heroes throughout history. I just can’t get enough of their stories and the inspiration they provide through their examples. I wash away the cynicism and down-beat influences of bad news and bad deeds others carry out by filling my mind with these stories of goodness, bravery, and love. I feel more energized doing this, more hopeful. And, certainly educated and edified by the things these people do and have done.

Some people will say that, today, there are no heroes. I say there are many, all around us, and it’s our privilege to get to know them in everyway we can. Through the light that they shine, our world is brighter and we are inspired to, yes, strive for heroism, too!

Joy and peace,


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