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Image courtesy of bigjom/

I really admire people who can get up each morning and immediately embark on deep prayer. Or, those who, no matter what, reserve a specific time later in the day for prayer – no matter where they are or what they are doing. Such discipline is admirable, especially in today’s world. But I also know that many people are unable to practice this kind of everyday praying. Illness, family, work, the irregularities of life in an ever-changing world – these and other outer elements work to chip away at resolve to build a wall around a specific time and place for prayer.

In my life, I try to pray each morning. But, with my chronic illnesses, especially lupus, some mornings are more productive than overs. Some days, lupus brain fog settles in. Other days, I might have to get up and out to be at a doctor’s appointment (and, oh, on those fasting bloodwork days, it’s even more of a challenge!).

If we want to maintain, develop, and deepen our relationship with God, praying regularly is a must. But even more important is the quality of our prayer, the focus we place upon those precious minutes with God, and the dedication we make and keep to being willing to open up to God even if we’re hurting and the day is conspiring against us praying on a particular time-schedule.

By “quality,” I don’t mean the length of our prayers or time. I mean being fully present, there/here and now, to God.

In an unpredictable life with chronic illness, you and I might not be able to set specific hours each day to sit and pray. We might have to improvise, get creative with our prayer lives. But, one thing is certain. No matter when we open up to God, He is ready to open Himself to us!

Joy and peace,


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