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Photo courtesy of koratmember/

Photo courtesy of koratmember/

Over the Christmas holidays, I was blessed to see Angela Lansbury in the play, “Blythe Spirit.” It was amazing – Dame Lansbury, a celebrated British-American actress whose career spans decades and includes television, film, and the stage, is 89 years old…or, I will say…young!

The part Dame Lansbury plays, the colorful and eccentric Madame Arcati, is physically and mentally demanding, requiring agility, tough dialogue transitions (Madame Arcati digresses quite a bit!), and the whole performance was terrific. And utterly inspiring.

True, Dame Lansbury has been performing for most of her life, and she’s no stranger to the stage and its demands. But beyond the obvious and impressive fact that she performs the show 8 times a week, and splendidly, there is the  other fact that is really encouraging and uplifting – it was clear that Dame Lansbury thoroughly enjoys what she does!

It has to be hard to do what she does and to do it so well. I cannot imagine she gets through without some aches and pains. But when you love to do something, I imagine that those troubles don’t seem so grand and gratitude must wash away any discomfort.

I came away from the play so very inspired that, when God gives gifts, He means for us to use them throughout our lives. Put another way, I can’t imagine telling God, “Okay. Enough. I’m retiring from serving you!”

Truly, when we do say “yes” to serving with our gifts, God will give us opportunities – no matter how old (or young) we are!

Joy and peace,


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