Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicIf you’re stuck when you pray, if you don’t think your prayers are being heard, you might be holding back, even if you think you’re pouring your heart out to God.

How can that be?

Sometimes, we desire something so very much, or we are so intent on praying for someone else that we forget to let our prayers go. We forget that we are lifting them up and out and right to God, settling them with him, and not taking them back into our troubled, worried lives. It’s only when we “pray out,” that is, when we put our hands and hearts firmly into God’s loving arms for good that we’ll be able to allow God to fill us with His answers to our dearest prayers.

So, if you’re stuck, think about where your prayer is going. And rejoice that God will replace your worries with His abundant love.

Joy and peace,


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