Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of bigjom/

Image courtesy of bigjom/

Praise God! It’s raining! Or, if it isn’t where you are, something weather-wise is happening. Snow, perhaps, or a gentle breeze? Nippy chill or frigid temps that force you to be warm and keep warm.

Whatever the weather today, take a caring time to thank the Lord for the earth, the world in which we live and breathe, play and pray. Appreciate the simple things like the patter of rain on the roof, or the splash of water displaced from a puddle.

Even if it is inconvenient, even if it causes travel delays and plan changes, we need weather in our world. And we need to appreciate it for what it is – God’s way of bringing what we need and helping us enjoy the earth in all its variety and splendor.

Blessings for the day!


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