Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicWish you had just a moment of comfort in the midst of your tough day? Wish you had just a moment of peace?

Life during this holiday season is packed with activity, and if you’re living with a chronic health condition and/or severe pain, it’s more than doubly difficult to keep centered and optimistic.

All the more reason to protect your need for at least one moment during the day when you’re quiet, breathing deeply, and allowing peace to flood your mind and soul. Sometimes, we might feel selfish to do this; there are so many demands on our talents and time. Or, we might have so many health challenges that we feel unworthy of peace, or that it is something that’s “out there,” out of reach because pain and sickness block it from us.

But if we consciously allow  peace in, if we swing open the door to our hearts and step aside, out of the way, the Holy Spirit will bring us peace. Abundant, sure, and loving.

Just a moment of peace? If we let the Spirit in, and if we let the Spirit move us, we’ll have more than a moment – we’ll have a lifetime!



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