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Photo courtesy of Apolonia/

Photo courtesy of Apolonia/

Each Monday, I hope to highlight a book, movie, song, or other artistic work that has been a positive experience for me and, I hope, will be for you. Truly, when you live with all sorts of negative influences (pain, illness, stress, life challenges), the more solid, good, encouraging and inspiring things we can “feed” our spirits and minds with, the stronger we will be for our lives – and the greater the help for others.

Today, I’d like to offer thoughts on the moving, “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” which has been playing successfully in large and small theaters throughout the US and, I believe, abroad.

The story of a family – and individuals in the family – putting their lives back together after tremendous tragedy in their home country, India, the movie focuses on two cultures – French and Indian – and two generations – traditional and “next” and, through the world of food and food preparation, shows how time, patience, willingness to understand, and humor all can combine to allow vastly different people from vastly different backgrounds come together, grow, and love.

The greatest inspiration was the tenacity of the story to show how it is possible to rise above horrible tragedy and even severe setbacks that occur afterward. At any point, the tale could have turned for the worse, but each character allowed a spark of hope to become determination, and that determination to bear new, strong, and very positive fruit.

Refreshing, well-acted, and beautiful to watch, this is a movie I’ll watch over again – and smile!

Joy and peace,


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