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How long is just right when it comes to prayer time? We have so many suggestions to choose from! Some of our friends might say they set aside a few minutes a day to pray, putting this time into their schedules as they would doctor’s appointments or other commitments. In Scripture, Paul writes about “constantly” thanking God (a form of prayer – 1 Tim 2:13), and the Psalmist says, “With y whole being I sing endless praises to you. O Lord, my God, forever will I give you thanks.” (Psalm 30:13)

We know that God already knows the prayers in our hearts, the needs in our lives. He knows, too, what our intention is when we pray – that is, where our mind and heart is truly focused. And that, I think, is the point.

We can pray “constantly,” but not be intent upon furthering our relationship with God. We might be distracted, even as we tick off the needs on our prayer lists or the beads on our Rosary.

We can set aside five, ten, fifteen minutes “for prayer,” but be so tired or distracted by our worldly needs that we aren’t present or in the presence of God for even five, ten, or fifteen seconds.

For today, and in your prayer throughout the week ahead, concentrate on finding time, however long or short, when you know you’ll be alert, attentive, and focused on one thing: Talking with God.

The amount of time doesn’t really matter. But the quality of that time does!

Joy and peace,


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