Could you forgive someone who had killed someone you love? Could you find healing for your pain and a purpose for your life?

In her new book, “Knitting, Praying, Forgiving: A Pattern of Love and Forgiveness,” Cheryl Wunsch weaves together her personal story of a difficult journey through grief to a unique way to bring what she has learned and done to others. Part witness, part spiritual craft guide, and part devotional, Wunsch does not sugarcoat the tragedy that propelled her life onto a different and God-directed path. But she does not merely describe the facts and certainly does not expect the reader to think, only, “oh, the poor woman.” Rather, she shows in word and action how she found her way through the tragedy’s aftermath and, amazingly, found grace and purpose, a ministry to help others and the inspiration to tell her story so that it, too, can be of assistance to anyone experiencing tragedy.

Wunsch has a solid – and professional – perspective on psychology (she is a licensed psychotherapist and is certified in contemplative spiritual direction), and is well-learned in theology and, in particular, lectio divino. The devotional and journaling parts of the book are helpful tools for the reader who seeks guidance as he or she navigates through a way to forgive, and the knitting (Wunsch is a founder of a Prayer Shawl Ministry at her local parish) that strings all together is a unique and refreshing way to approach working out the “knots,” and reaching out to others.

“Knitting, Praying, Forgiving: A Pattern of Love and Forgiveness,” is available through online booksellers. Wunsch’s website is:

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