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Advent Day 11:  Have you found your voice?

John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness to “Prepare the way of the Lord.”

Christmas songs spill one after the other from radios, televisions, and loudspeakers all around us.

Have you found your voice in this Advent season, yet?

I know some people are terrified of singing, even if it is familiar carols they have heard and learned since childhood. Others hesitate to even gently evangelize, for fear of offending others. And still other people are at a loss for words, not sure how to articulate the profound emotions that bubble up inside of them.

Proclaiming our faith, expressing our joy – these are marvelous gifts that we can use each day, beyond Advent. We do not need to attract a crowd, like John the Baptist, or have “high production values” as with professionally produce music. But the more we explore and find the voice that is us, that expresses our individual style and faith, the more enthusiastically we can join in the chorus of, “Gloria in excelsis Deo!”

Blessings for the day,


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