dobson3.jpgListen to Focus on the Family founder James Dobson’s brand new radio interview with Sarah Palin here.

Dobson says he’s praying for a miracle on Election Day, a thinly-veiled prayer for a McCain/Palin victory.

What most struck God-o-Meter about the interview is how much it hung on the charge that Palin has been victim of a media smear campaign because of her Christianity.

Is there truth to that charge?

It strikes God-o-Meter that the firestorm of Palin criticism from elites–both liberal and conservative–is not fueled by Palin’s apparently Biblical worldview but by the fact that that worldview appears to be the major reason McCain selected her as his running mate, since it promises to appeal to the GOP’s religious base, as opposed to such qualifications as experience or intellectual heft.


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